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A young couple of athletes, Olympic champions, bought an old house of the XVII century, 100 km north of Paris. And although this is not their first house and not the only real estate, they loved the quiet streets of Pierrefonds so much that they wanted to build their family nest here. And they decided for sure that this was where their third child would ever appear



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To the north of Paris, about 100 km away is the picturesque town of Pierrefonds. Quiet place, just perfect for creating a family hearth.

The house belongs to the architectural heritage of the city, so its facade must be preserved.

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And although the house itself is perfectly preserved, today it no longer meets the current level of insulation, which leads to very high heat losses in winter.

Also, the interior is not very comfortable for a modern lifestyle.


Therefore, in this project the main task was to make the house warm, comfortable and convenient for a modern family. But at the same time preserve its ancient uniqueness, do not lose its atmosphere.



The house has two entrances - from the street and from the garden. Since the entrance gate is on the side of the garden, the owners will often go there and leave the cars in the yard. 

Especially since the house looks most impressive from the garden. There are very beautiful arched panoramic windows and front doors, a picturesque terrace.

So we decided to make the entrance from the basement the main one. This is convenient even because it is the shortest way from the car to the refrigerator with bags of food.

In the basement, we have common areas where the whole family will gather for dinner, where they will meet guests.

In the central place of the basement, we made a dining area for 8 people, so that sitting at a table, you can enjoy the picturesque garden. In this case, the kitchen is next to the dining room, but in a separate room. The kitchen also has a table for 4 people for family breakfasts.

The kitchen windows also overlook the garden so that the mother can watch the children play while cooking dinner.
There is a living area next to the dining room. It is located in the same space, but visually separated by a decorative partition.

There was already a sauna in the basement, which customers often use. Especially in winter. We left it in the same place, but we organized this space more efficiently. Now in this area there is a full-fledged guest bathroom and a sauna area.
Also in the basement there is a separate place for people who will help around the house. They have a separate bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The house already has an outbuilding with a veranda. Instead of a veranda, we completed a full-fledged warm room for staff.

We placed all the plumbing and boiler equipment more compactly in the darkest place of the plinth, thus freeing up more useful space. There is also a laundry and pantry.


Thus, we gave the entire ground floor to the children, as the hostess wanted.

The central room with a balcony is logical to make a common playroom, where it is nice to spend family evenings, as well as a convenient place for children to communicate with the nanny.

At the same time, each girl has her own personal space. On the sides of the game room, we have almost equivalent bedrooms for daughters overlooking the garden, with their bathrooms.

There is also a babysitting bedroom, a guest bedroom and a guest bathroom.


We have allocated almost the entire attic floor for parents.

The master bedroom, a large dressing room with a personal seating area, a large comfortable bathroom, an office for the head of the family and a library area are located in a separate isolated space.

At the same time it was possible to allocate an additional nursery for the future kid with the bathroom separately, but not far from parents. And another laundry.

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