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Correct geometric shapes approaching the ideal. A garden created according to the rules of a Japanese garden and the harmonious integration of concrete into natural materials.



On the slopes of the river Dnieper near the southern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia there is a picturesque place.

A place of incredible sunrises and sunsets.

JVMbnmt5 (1).jpg
Snimok ekrana_2017-08-04_13-45-235984506c906da.png

Where there are water routes between water lilies.


1-1 - Plot plan.jpg


Quite a large, regular shape and flat area allows us to place the house most comfortably and importantly, we designed the house on one floor to avoid stairs.

1-2 - 3D plot perspectives.jpg


Near the garage there is still place for two cars.

Separate from the house there is a barbecue area and a small guest house.

We also located the pool separately from the house so that the walls do not accumulate excess moisture.

Since the winters are quite cold, we made a sliding pool cap. This will extend the period of use of the pool by at least 2-3 months a year. And it allows you to effectively preserve the pool for the winter.

3-1 - Floorplan.jpg


In this project, we found the most optimal shape of all areas - in the form of the letter L. Thus, the living room and kitchen, ie common areas are located in a short part on the right, and all private rooms - on the left.
There we placed two children's bedrooms, a guest room, a master bedroom with a wardrobe and two bathrooms. 
In the large bathroom, we have a large bathroom with a panoramic window in the podium.

Construction is still ongoing, so I'll show you some videos from the construction site.

an example of a design project


Please leave your feedback about our work. Your opinion is very important to us.

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