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A company that has been creating aircraft engines for over 75 years. Engines that lift into the sky the world's largest transport aircraft An-225 Mriya with a maximum takeoff weight of 640 tons. We have designed the heart of the company. A place where ideas are born. A place where the hottest discussions take place. Where are receiving for guests and presenting for projects.



The company is located in the south of Ukraine in the city of Zaporizhzhia.

Since 1945, the company has been manufacturing engines for airplanes and helicopters. The pride of the company is the engines that lift into the air the world's largest transport aircraft An-225 Mriya



Within the framework of the reconstruction project of the main office building, there was a need to separate from the main office a place for meeting of the international delegations and carrying out negotiations.

So we got an old abandoned room for work, which in the last 20 years was used as a warehouse. In addition, pipes passed from other premises, to which we had to leave the possibility of sanitary access.

And while inspecting the construction site, we found that in the basement just below this room is a sewer, which can be accessed only through the hatch, which is located right in the middle of the future meeting room.

In addition, there is another complication. Since we decided to make a separate entrance to the room from the yard, we no longer need the old front door. But it cannot be completely walled up due to fire regulations.

Since it was not possible to take the hatch to any other place, we decided to leave the hatch, but to disguise it under the floor tiles.

We also disguised the inspection hatches in the walls.


The task of the project was to create a completely separate room, with its own bathrooms, a room for coffee breaks and a separate exit to the yard. And accommodate as many people as possible.

So we made a separate exit with the locker area for outerwear. There are two bathrooms nearby.
We separated the main hall from the coffee break room with frosted glass so that the staff could enter the coffee break room through a separate door from the corridor and prepare goodies for a break without distracting the negotiators. At the same time, the guests themselves have their own separate entrance from the main hall.

Дизайн-проект 2_Страница_16.jpg

Negotiates most effectively with a square seating of people - so everyone can see each other well.

We made the tables from separate elements so that there was always access to the center.



The ceiling is also a structural element. We made a box in which we hid the air conditioning system, the control system of the window roller blinds, as well as the lifting mechanism for the connection box.


For the best demonstration of presentations and drawings, we made a movable box to which monitors are attached on four sides. The function of the box is to lower the screens to eye level during the presentation and raise them up while communicating.

We also installed a microphone in the bottom of the box. It recognizes the speaker's voice from afar and amplifies it.


For the convenience of negotiators, we have installed sockets in each table.


And to hide the cables, we made special hidden cable channels into the tables.


Working on the project, we visited the Museum of Aircraft Engineering and the Museum of Aircraft Engines, located on the territory of the factory.


And it inspired us to the creative process. We wanted to make tables in the form of an aircraft engine.


In the end, look what we done.

Metting room
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an example of a design project


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