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5 technologies for the home that improve the quality of life

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

From my experience communicating with clients, I realized that it would be useful to create a list of must-have technologies for the home that really improve the quality of daily life.

Of course, there are many such technologies. I'm sure you've heard a lot about smart home technology, but the concept is very vague. Since you can connect many functions to a "smart home", it is not entirely clear which functions will be really useful for you, and which are necessary just to show off once in front of friends.

So functions such as turning on the music while taking a shower, or opening the door with voice commands, I will not consider. They are interesting, but in this post I want to focus on technologies that in most cases make everyday life easier.


1. Climate control

Each room is equipped with a temperature/humidity meter, which transmits data to a central computer, which turns on the air conditioner, heater and/or humidifier to maintain a comfortable temperature.

This is a very useful technology for two reasons.

The first, obvious. This is to maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity when you are at home.

And the second, not so obvious, but no less important. This is the optimal use of resources.

For example, if all family members are at work all day and the family gathers at home only in the evening, you can adjust the system so that, for example, in winter during the day the minimum required heat from the heater is maintained, with curtains and blinds open to the house received as much natural heat from the sun as possible.

On the contrary, in summer, during the day, closed blinds will not allow the air to heat up, and an hour before your return, the air conditioner will turn on.

Thus, the "smart home" not only controls air quality and comfort, but also prevents excessive electricity consumption.

Also, the curtains can open automatically in the morning and close in the evening.

If the height of the ceiling in the room does not exceed 3 meters, it is just convenient. And if the ceiling is higher, then automation for curtains is simply necessary.

2. Built-in vacuum cleaner

This is not about a robot vacuum cleaner. No, robot vacuum cleaners are also very useful and convenient. But this is quite understandable, all the advantages and disadvantages of which, I think, you know.

I want to talk about another, slightly more complex technology. The installation of a built-in vacuum cleaner should be taken care of at the very beginning of construction. It is necessary to run a system of hoses in the walls in each room, as well as to bring a garbage collection container with a filtration system in a separate technical room.

What are the benefits of a built-in vacuum cleaner? You do not need to drag the vacuum cleaner on all rooms, on stairs, to switch it in sockets every 5 meters, to wash and dry all details of the vacuum cleaner each time.

You just plug the hose into a special hole and vacuum the room. And all garbage through a system of hoses goes to the container standing in the technical room. The container itself needs to be emptied less often.

The advantages of this technology do not always seem obvious, but I suggest you pay attention to it and, if possible, a built-in central vacuum cleaner during building a house. This will save you a lot of time and effort with each cleaning.

3. The touch screen is built into the kitchen furniture

I want to draw your attention to how often we use a tablet or smartphone when cooking.

We store recipes on online platforms, social networks or thematic applications. So we often need a smartphone or tablet in the kitchen.

You can often find such a design solution, when the kitchen is mounted stand or holder for the tablet. But this is not very convenient, because sometimes you need to put the tablet on charge, and therefore take the socket.

I see a more interesting solution to this problem. Install the touch screen in the kitchen facade and connect it directly to the socket in the cabinet.


  1. you can use any application with recipes, turn on your favorite food bloggers in any social network or watch a sports broadcast or movie while cooking;

  2. you do not need to charge the tablet or look for a safe and convenient place;

  3. it is always in place and does not require a separate place on the wall.

4. Master switch

Tell me, just now are you sure you didn't forget to turn off the light / iron / tap? If you are sure that this has never happened to you and will never happen, then go to the next article.

If not here's a new product just for you!

You all know well about such technology as the master switch. You have all used it in hotels. When you take your key card out of the card holder, all the lights in the room and bathroom turn off. Is it really convenient? So why not install something similar in your home?

Imagine you are already in the yard or in the garage, going to work or on vacation and suddenly do not remember whether you turned off the iron, water or light. In order not to waste time and not to run around the house, you can simply turn off the master button, which will turn off all electricity in the house except the refrigerator / freezer and power climate control and alarm. You can also connect a water supply to the master button, but this is a bit more complicated and not always necessary.

5. Heating of sidewalks and gutters

This advice will be useful to you if you live in a climate where there may be frost and snowly in winter. Then you are well acquainted with the morning workout with a shovel in hand on a snowy winter morning.

So you already understand that this is not a complicated technology, almost the same as underfloor heating, only from the outside. It is not necessary to lay pipes all over the yard, it is enough to heat only the entrance and, if necessary, the path around the house.

The heating function can also be programmed and placed on a "smart home" system. It will be automatically switched on by the rain sensor and the thermometer. So, if it suddenly snows in the middle of the night, your entry area will be clear of snow and dry in the morning. And you can sleep for another half hour.

I also recommend that together with the track heating system, additional heating pipes be installed on the gutters so that the water does not freeze there. Then in the spring you do not need to clean them.


And last but not least, the bonus. Another technology that you are know, but I want to emphasize that it will definitely make your daily life easier. This is an automatic watering of the garden. I'm not just talking about watering the lawn. This goes without saying. And I recommend carefully planning the garden and at the stage of planting to bring to the trees and shrubs underground watering, which will irrigate the roots.

First, you will not waste excess water, because watering will not be through the ground, but directly at the root.

Secondly, each plant will have a clearly dosed and necessary for it the amount of water and trace elements.

Thirdly, this system can also be automated and regardless of whether you are at home or on vacation, your garden will be well-groomed and you can also take care of it via a smartphone, as well as other automatic functions.

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