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It is a beautiful place where you can practice yoga and meditation while watching the stars or meet the sun through the treetops

The project of a house in a picturesque location on the surburbs of Barcelona was partially prepared by an architect. The location of all zones on a very uneven rocky area was thought out.

Salon 5.jpg

Lots of natural light and lots of air. Land plot of irregular shape without any right angle. Micro garden in the middle of the living room. Huge pool and table with water cascade. This house on the outskirts of Madrid is simply doomed to become a pearl.

A company that has been creating aircraft engines for over 75 years.Engines that lift into the sky the world's largest transport aircraft An-225 Mriya with a maximum takeoff weight of 640 tons.We have designed the heart of the company. A place where ideas are born. A place where the hottest discussions take place. Where are receiving for guests and presenting for projects.


A young couple of athletes, Olympic champions, bought an old house of the XVII century, 100 km north of Paris. And although this is not their first house and not the only real estate, they loved the quiet streets of Pierrefonds so much that they wanted to build their family nest here. And they decided for sure that this was where their third child would ever appear

Correct geometric shapes approaching the ideal. A garden created according to the rules of a Japanese garden and the harmonious integration of concrete into natural materials.

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